Stop showing off! Do you know the meaning? Watch this short video to learn the right answer now!

What does it mean to “show off,” or “what is a show off?” Well, I‘ll show you right now.

So, to “show off,” this is a phrasal verb, and it means to attract attention to yourself.

So, you could do this in many different ways.

Usually people show off by trying to display or show a good feature that they have, or maybe a talent that they have.

Imagine at school, in a high school for example, there’s a very athletic guy who’s very good at basketball.

So, when nobody else is playing basketball, let’s say he sees some girls over there,

so he just starts shooting from really far away making these baskets. He’s displaying his ability, or his talent.

He’s trying to attract attention to himself. He wants the girls to look at him. Okay?

Another way people show off, is by talking about their accomplishments. I did this, and that, and this and this and this.

So, that’s another way people show off.

Now, the term “a show off,” which is a noun, is a person who shows off.

For example, I could say, “He is such a show off,”

because he does things all the time to attract attention to himself and make himself look good. He is a show off.

Do you know any show offs, or are you a show off?

Maybe your English is really good, as a second language.

So maybe you like to show off and speak in English when you don’t need to, so people can see your skills.

I don’t know, maybe.

Now I‘m going to show you a couple of example sentences:

“James is always showing off. It’s really annoying.”

“Stop showing off! We all know you’re good at basketball.”

“He’s a pretty humble person. He hardly ever shows off, even though he is quite talented.”

So, you have the phrasal verb “to show off,” and the noun, “a show off.”

I hope that this lesson was useful for you.

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