English for Children

Is your child shy to speak in English?
Does your kid not like English class at his school?

When a child starts learning English, they can learn it much faster than an adult and have better English pronunciation.

Starting young makes it much easier to have accent reduction or possible no accent at all in English!

This is a great opportunity for your children to start getting fluent in English now so they can speak fluently when finishing school and are entering the university.

Do you want your kid to get better grades in English class at school?

Getting a private tutor is a GREAT way to help your child improve in English and achieve better marks in school.

These interactive classes will help your child become confident when speaking in English!

English class with a grammar book and a big classroom can be boring, especially for kids.

Why not try a private tutor online?

It’s fun, interactive and lets the child speak one-on-one with an American.

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