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English for Children

English conversation for kids is a fun and easy way for them to improve when they’re young. Is your child a beginner in English? We can help with basic English for kids


Learn TOEFL listening and speaking to get a better score on the test and improve your English communication. Practice TOEFL essay topics to be better prepared for the exam

English for Business

Learn professional English to help you at work. Improve your English for business communication. Learn and practice useful business English expressions

General Conversation

Having English conversation is the most interesting way to improve your speaking skills. Get the English conversational practice you need to improve. Our classes cover many different English conversation topic

English Pronunciation

Learn how to have an American English accent. How to improve English pronunciation: Have a skilled teacher listen to you speak and give instant feedback.


Learn more IELTS vocabulary and get IELTS preparation tips. Get tips and advice to prepare for IELTS general reading. Review IELTS test papers with your private IELTS tutor.

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