What does ‘a grain of salt’ mean? Watch this short video to learn a simple trick about it and how we can use this idiom.

Hi, I’m Joel. In this video, I’m going to talk about the phrase,

“To take something with a grain of salt, a grain of salt.”
So, what does it mean “To take something with a grain of salt?”

Salt, it’s not really related to this idiom; it’s just an idiom.
So, “To take something with a grain of salt,” means to not believe something that you hear

or read or not believe all of it, because it might be exaggerated or it might not be reliable information.

You can’t really trust this information 100%.

So, you need to be careful and you might need to investigate more

or research more to see if this information is correct or not.

So, normally we use this phrase when we are giving someone some information or passing some
information on to someone

and we want that person to be careful and not accept everything instantly.

It’s a way of warning someone that this information might not be 100% correct.

So, you need to take it with a grain of salt.

So, I could give you some information, maybe something that I heard from a friend.

And so I tell you and then after that I say, “But take it with a grain of salt.”

And so that means, you need to be careful, and think about that information or maybe not believe all of it.

Another way of saying it is like, “Be skeptical about this information.”

Okay, normally we use it in this context when we’re giving someone the information.

And then we tell them to be skeptical about it. “Don’t just believe everything though.

Look into it more, think about it. Be careful.”

So, but it can also be used in other situations like, “I should of taken it with a grain of salt.”

Or, “I didn’t take the information with a grain of salt.” You can say that, but it’s not so common.

The most common way is when you’re telling someone something, then you tell them to be skeptical about it

or to, “Take it with a grain of salt.”

All right, I hope you enjoyed the video. And have a great day.

I hoped you liked the video.

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