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Watch this short video to learn a simple trick about ‘wet the bed’ meaning and how to use it.

In this video, I’m going to talk about the idiom “wet the bed.”

So, what does “wet the bed” mean?

Well, this is an idiom which refers to somebody going pee or urinating in the bed,

most likely when they are sleeping.

So we say, “wet the bed” because when you go pee the liquid gets the bed wet.

So that’s what you’re doing, you’re getting the bed wet while you’re sleeping and going pee.

So this is normally used for children because children are the ones who normally wet the bed.

But of course an adult is capable of having an accident as well.

It’s just not as common.

So, let me give you some example sentences with “wet the bed”:

“My son wet the bed last night. Now I have to wash the sheets.”

“I can’t believe you wet the bed! You’re 12 years old!”

“I haven’t wet the bed in a long time.”

Okay, there you go, “wet the bed.”

So, this is normally something that’s embarrassing.

So, if you wet the bed that’s something embarrassing or something that you would be ashamed of.

This idiom is also kind of a fun way to refer to something that happened.

“Oh, you wet the bed!” for example.

I hope that you learned something new and that now you can use the term “wet the bed”

when you’re practicing your English.

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