A swamp is a type of wet area in nature, but what does “swamped” mean as English slang? Find out here!

In this short video, I’m going to talk about the word “swamp” or “swamped.”

Now literally as a noun, a “swamp” is a wet area usually in a forest where there is a lot water,

but it’s not a lake or a pond and it’s normal for animals to be there like alligators.

Okay, so that’s a swamp.

And as a verb “swamped” can mean to flood something. Like we could say, “The boat was swamped.”

Meaning that is was flooded with water.

But the slang version of “swamped,” if I say, “I am swamped” it means, I’m very busy;

I’m overwhelmed with things to do. Almost like I’m being flooded.

There’s water all around me going up and I’m overwhelmed. I have so many things…I’m swamped.

So, if somebody asks you to do something, a favor or some extra work, it might be something you could say.

You could say, “I’m sorry, I’m swamped, I can’t help you right now.”

So this is a good way to make an excuse if you are busy and can’t help with something.

So, do you ever get swamped?

Have you ever needed to tell someone that you are swamped because you couldn’t help them?

Feel free to write a comment below and tell me about your experience and this way you will be practicing your English.

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Thanks and have a good day!

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