What does ‘Yes Man’ mean? Not sure how to use this one?

Watch this short video to learn a simple trick about it and how we can use this idiom.

Are you a “Yes Man?” 

For all the English students out there who don’t know

what a “Yes Man” is, I’ll explain it right here in this short video.

A “Yes Man” is a person who always says, “Yes” or, who always agrees to do what you want them to do,

or with the opinion that you are giving.  That’s a “Yes Man.”

Now the context of this term is normally used in the work place, at a business or at a company.   

So, a “Yes Man” always agrees with his boss or with his superiors.

So, if his boss asks him to do something, even if he can’t do it

or he doesn’t have time or he doesn’t want to, he says “Yes.”  

He agrees to do it.

Or, if his boss is giving his opinion, and then says,

“What do you think? You think this is a good idea, right?” A “Yes Man” is going to say,

“Yeah, it sounds great boss.” even if he doesn’t really agree with it. So, that’s a “Yes Man.”

A couple example sentences would be:

“I don’t really like Sam. He’s just a ‘Yes Man.’ He never says no.”


“I don’t want to be a ‘Yes Man.’ ”


”My boss only wants to hire people if he thinks they’re going to be a ‘Yes Man.’ ”


This term “Yes Man” is a negative term most of the time,

because people don’t want to be seen as weak, or seen as not wanting to say no.


So, this is a negative term in most cases, however, there might be some bosses or

some companies that will want to hire a “Yes Man” so,

for that boss, a “Yes Man” is a good thing, if that’s what he wants.


Okay, well, I hope you learned something new and that and now you know what a “Yes Man” is.


I hoped you liked the video.

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