What does ‘scatterbrain’ mean?

Watch this short video to find out here and start using it when you speak English!

Hi, I’m Joel. In this video we’re going to talk about the word “scatterbrain” or “scatterbrained.
So, what does that mean?

Well, “scatterbrained” refers to someone who is forgetful, disorganized,

or that has trouble concentrating.

So, we can describe a person who is like this using the adjective, “scatterbrained.”

And we can also use the noun “scatterbrain” to talk about a person in this way, as well.

So, for example, I can say, “Don’t work with him. He’s a scatterbrain.”

Or, “It’s difficult working with my boss because half the time, he is scatterbrained.”

So, that means it’s difficult to work with the boss because he’s forgetful

or he has a hard time concentrating and focusing.

So, sometimes a scatterbrain seems a little bit crazy, or something like that.

So, this term “scatterbrain” it’s a little bit negative, but it’s not that negative, just a little bit.

It can be used kind of in a funny way.

And sometimes people will talk about themselves and describe themselves as a scatterbrain,

maybe if they are having trouble remembering something,

or if they’re having trouble focusing, or something like that.

So, I hope that this was useful for you, and that you have a good day.

I hoped you liked the video.

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