What does “drive up the wall” mean in English? Learn how to use this phrase correctly.

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Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m an English tutor, and in today’s lesson,

we’re going to talk about slang English phrases. And the phrase for today is, “drive up the wall.”

You may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? So, “driving up the wall” is to really really irritate.

So, let’s say somebody has a fork and they just keep rubbing it on their plate and it makes this horrible noise.

Okay, a super irritating noise. That person would probably drive you up the wall.

So it would make you feel very irritated and frustrated because what they were doing is super super annoying.

So somebody who maybe chews with their mouth open – that may be something that another person really, absolutely hates.

So when they’re having lunch with somebody that chews with their mouth open, it may “drive them up the wall”

or irritate them because that person has really bad manners.

All right, so just remember when you use the phrase “drive up the wall,”

that means that somebody is really irritating you, okay.

So, as parents, you may find it very irritating when your kids ask you every two minutes

“Are we there yet?” when you’re trying to take a trip.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

So that might drive you up the wall or irritate you.

I hope this lesson has been helpful for you and that you tune in again for more lessons with Jessica.

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Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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