Do you know what the idiom “bring home the bacon” means? Find out here!

Do you know what “bacon” is?

Probably so, it’s a type of meat usually made out of pork or pig, and sometimes made out of beef which is cow, or turkey.

But what does it mean to “bring home the bacon”?

Does that mean I’m physically carrying bacon home, or could it have another meaning?
To “bring home the bacon” is an idiom which means that you are making money,

you know, earning a salary in order to live your life and support yourself and your family.

So, imagine a hundred years ago probably when this idiom was invented

and you have the mother and the children at home, and the father is out working.

And the father comes home and he’s got bacon, he’s got food.

So, he is providing for the family. He is giving them the food that they need.

So, as an idiom, “to bring home the bacon” means that you are making money so that you
and your family have food to eat,

you can buy what you need, you can pay the bills,

pay your rent, and so on. That is “bringing home the bacon.”

Here are a couple example sentences:

“I lost my job, so now you have to bring home the bacon.”

“Bringing home the bacon is a big responsibility; you really need to look for a job.”

All right, I hope you learned something new and that now you understand the idiom,

“to bring home the bacon.”

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