What does “Achilles’ heel” mean in English?

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Hi, I’m Joel. In this video we’re going to talk about the term “Achilles heel.”

So, a heel is a part of your body; it’s a part of your foot near your ankle.

And Achilles was a figure in ancient Greek mythology.

You’ve probably heard of other people like Hercules and Zeus.
So, Achilles was a figure in these ancient stories.

So what happened, when Achilles was born, he was dipped into a special river to try to make him immortal.

But he was held by his heel, so that means every part of his body went under water in the river,

except his heel. So, his whole body was immortal, right?

Except for his heel. That is what that was his weakness.

And in the story he was eventually killed by an arrow that hit him in his heel,

that’s how he died. So, now the term “Achilles heel,” refers to a weakness in an otherwise strong person.

So, I could say, “My Achilles heel is public speaking.”

So, that would mean that my weakness is public speaking.

Maybe in business and in other areas I’m very solid, I’m very good at my job,

but when it comes to public speaking, I’m not so good at it. It’s my weakness,

it’s my weak point.

So, I could say, “His Achilles heel is “x”. Her Achilles heel is “y.”

So, it just means a weakness in an otherwise strong competent person.

So, do you have an Achilles heel?

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