Learn the difference between “get dressed” and “dress up”. Check it out!

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you the difference between

“to get dressed” and “to dress up.”

So, “to get dressed” refers to simply putting on your clothes.

So, you wake up in the morning, you take a shower and you get dressed.

Now, this can refer to any type of clothing, just a regular shirt,

a dress for woman or a skirt, or it could be a business suit for a man or a woman.

It doesn’t really matter. It just means you’re putting on clothes.

Now, “to dress up,” means that you are putting on some special clothing.

Now, it could be some expensive or fancy clothes, maybe for a special occasion,

a very nice suit, a very nice dress.

You would dress up when there is something important to do,

or go to, and you want to look very nice.

Or, it could also refer to you dressing up for a special party,

maybe a Halloween party.

So you might dress up as a mermaid, or dress up as a pirate, or as a policeman,

something like that for a Halloween party or some other kind of theme party.

So, you can “dress up” to simply look very nice for a special occasion,

or you can “dress up” for a Halloween party or something like that.

And “to get dressed” simply means to put your clothes on.

All right, so I hope that you liked this video.

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