In this video, I’m going to talk about the term M-R-S Degree.

Have you heard of an M-R-S Degree before?

Well, as you know M-R-S is also how you say Mrs., as in a woman who is married.

Miss would be a single woman and Mrs. is when she is married.

Alright, and what about degree? What does that mean?

Well, a degree is like a diploma or a certificate that you receive after completing your studies at the university or at a college.

So you could get a two year degree, a four year degree or longer depending on what you’re studying.

So a degree is your diploma or your certificates you get when you finish your university studies.

Now, there are some women who go to the university not because they want a degree or because they want to start a career,

but they go because they want to meet a nice guy at the university and get married.

So, they go to the university because they want to meet a man who’s educated and smart and who is going to have a good job.

So if a woman goes to the university primarily because she wants to meet a good man,

then you could say she’s at the University for an M-R-S Degree, or she just wants an M-R-S Degree.

Things like that. So, that’s what it means M-R-S Degree and that’s how we pronounce it: M-R-S, not Mrs. Degree.

We say M-R-S Degree.

So in the comments feel free to say whether you think an M-R-S Degree is a good thing or a bad thing.

I’m not here to comment on that, I’m just telling you what the term means.

Alright, so I hope you learned something new and that your English will be a little bit better because you watched the video.

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Thanks and have a good day!


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