Taking the TOEFL? Make sure you’re prepared! Watch this introductory video, #5 in our introduction to TOEFL series,

which focuses on the importance of the TOEFL speaking section and how to do well in this area.

Greeting and salutations, my name is Steve,

and I am your personal, and professional, American English consultant.

In this session I am going to talk to you about something

that is one of the most feared things on the planet.
Yes, I know, you are thinking: what’s this have to do with TOEFL?!?

People who study this stuff say that Public speaking is the second most common fear.

Second only to the fear of death.

And there is an area of the TOEFL Exam that is often overlooked,

and not much talked about, but very much an important part of the exam.

I am talking about the Speaking section.

In the speaking section you will actually have to prove, verbally, for twenty minutes,

that you have a firm grasp of not only all that vocabulary you been studying,

but also all those silly grammar rules you spent hours crying over.

I imagine that for those that fear it, public speak is hard enough.

Now add to that you have to speak in another language!

Up to this point the first two sections of the test prove you can read and write in English.

But now they want you to prove you can talk in coherent sentences,

with an accent that a native English speaker can understand!

I met a guy once, while I was on a trip to Nicaragua, with a perfect Brooklyn accent!

I know you probably don’t know what a Brooklyn accent is, and it’s not important.

But what is important is that accent, or no accent, this guy’s English was great,

his enunciation and articulation were clear enough, that even with his unusual accent,

I could understand him perfectly.

Now everyone has an accent, and that is perfectly acceptable!

You don’t need to start saving money for a voice coach!

What you need is practice. Verbal practice.

You need to be hearing and speaking with a native English speaker actually speaking


You need to be conversing with them, on casual topics,

so the words are comfortable in your mouth.

You need to sound confident and commanding

when you are giving your spoken exam in TEOFL.

You can talk to your buddy from English class all you can stand.

You can watch all the YouTube videos you want.

You can enjoy as many American movies as you can handle.

But nothing will substitute for a real conversation with a native English speaker.

And done in such a way, that not only do you get to hear English,

but you get to practice speaking it as well.

And while you are speaking and you get corrected

as you go along so that you can speak that much better!

There is no better method to train for this than to employ a native English speaking tutor.

Like me!

I am available for personalized, one-on- one training,

to prepare you for taking the TOEFL exam.

We will set a schedule of one on one verbal sessions where we can talk together,

and where I can steer your course of study for the TOEFL exam.

Thanks for watching!

And check out my other videos that will help you grow in your grasp of the English language.

Remember: perfect practice makes perfect.

So keep practicing!

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