Hello, my name is Steve.

And I am your personal, and professional, American English consultant.

Welcome to video two in our series on preparing to take the TOEFL exam.

The TOEFL exam is testing your ability to take tests

as much as it is testing you in your grasp of the English language.

The single most important thing to understanding

when taking the TOEFL exam is that you must be able to understand

what you are being asked to do for each question.

This may sound simple enough,

but if you are not familiar with the format in which TOEFL asks you questions,

you are more likely to get the answer wrong.

Now the simplest way to understand how TOEFL asks you questions is to take a practice TOEFL test.

ETS created the TOEFL test so they should be your primary source for all TOEFL related questions.

And their website ETS dot ORG is your best option for taking a sample test.

Not only will you get a benchmark score if you were to take the TOEFL,

but you also will become familiar with the TOEFL test taking process.

And you will find this particularly helpful when taking the reading section of the exam.

For example, in the reading section you may be given a question

related to a specific word and its usage.

And yet your only reference to this word will only be the line number.

The lines are typically numbered every fifth line.

So if the question asks you about line number 17,

you need to quickly scan through the essay to line number 17

and locate the word they are asking you about.

This will help save you time that can be better used in answering the question properly.

There are many ways to prepare for the TOEFL exam.

Many of these methods cover basics you may already know and are simply a waste of
your time.

It is important to focus your studies in the areas you need the most improvement.

To do that, you need to assess where you are at in your learning of English,

as well as your ability to take college level exams in English.

I am available for personalized, one-on- one training,

to prepare you for taking the TOEFL exam.

We will start with an assessment test of your grasp of the English language.

From there I will build a course of training

based upon your areas of weakness and help you pass that test!

Thanks for watching! Check out my other videos

that will help you grow in your grasp of the English language.

Remember: perfect practice makes perfect.

So keep practicing!

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