Learn the pronunciation of ‘sour” in this video. Watch it now!

Hi, this is Joel. In this video, I’m going to help you pronounce the word “sour.”

A lot of students actually pronounce this word incorrectly.

So, I’m going to go slowly, so that you can understand how it’s pronounced and say it right,

which will make you sound more fluent.

So, let’s break this word up in to two parts: “sou-er.” Easy right? “Sou-er, Sou-er.”

We combine the “sou” and the “er” kind of with a soft “W” sound, “sou-wer, sou-wer.”

“This lemonade is too sour.”

“I love sour candy.”

“I don’t like sour food.”

“Sou-wer, sou-wer.”

All right, I hope that this was helpful, and that now you will pronounce the word “sour” correctly

when you’re practicing your English.

I hoped you liked the video.

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