What does “mess up” mean? Learn how to use this phrasal verb and what it really means.

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Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m an English tutor.

And today we’re going to talk about the phrasal verb “mess up.”
Okay, the phrasal verb “mess up” has to do with something turning out differently than how you

Also something becoming disorganized or messy.

For example, the first thing we’ll talk about is when something becomes messy.

Let’s say a lady walks outside during a windy day after she has fixed her hair very nicely.

When she walks outside her hair might become “messed up.”

That means that it is no longer fixed in a nice way that it has been messed up and is in disarray.

A student may also say, “Wow! I really messed up on this psychology project.

I did not add the correct notes that I was supposed to. This is really messed up.”

A parent might say, “Wow! The house looks so messed up!”

After the children got into the crayon box and colored all over the walls.”

Okay, so to mess something up, again, is to change it from being orderly to a disarray.

I hope this lesson has cleared up any confusion that you may have had, regarding the phrasal verb “mess up.”

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