What’s the difference between ‘pass out’ and ‘pass away’?

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Hi, I’m Joel. In this video,

I’m going to show you the difference between “pass out” and “pass away.”
So, what’s the difference between “pass out” and “pass away”?
Well, the phrasal verb “pass out” has at least two common meanings.

One meaning is to faint or to lose consciousness.

So, let’s say for example that you are feeling a little bit sick;
you’re not feeling so well, you could pass out. It’s like ooh…

and you fall down to the floor, for example, you passed out or you fainted.

Now, another meaning of pass out is like to distribute something.

So, if you have like some different papers that you’re giving, you have a thing of papers,

you’re giving one to each person, you’re passing out the papers.

Now, “pass away” simply means to die. It’s kind of like a formal way of saying “die.”

It could be something used in writing if it’s an article that you’re writing about somebody,

you could say that John Adams passed away on, and then give the date.

It’s also a way that’s not offensive or a way that’s a little bit more kind,

if you don’t want people to feel quite as sad. So, I could say that, “My neighbor passed away last night.”

It just sounds a little bit nicer, instead of saying, “My neighbor died.”

It’s a little bit more considerate for those who may be feeling sad because of the death of the person.

All right, well I hope that you learned something new and that now you can use the phrasal

verbs “pass out” and “pass away” correctly.

I hoped you liked the video.

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