How do you pronounce ‘muscle’? What is the correct pronunciation?

Check out this short video to learn how to pronounce ‘muscle’ correctly!

Hi, I’m Joel. Today, I’m going to help you pronounce a word that many students have

trouble with. The word is “muscle” you know, a muscle.

Now, the problem is that many students, they read it and they say it with the “c.”

They say “mus-kle” which is wrong. It’s not “mus-kle” it is “mus-sel.”

So, it’s written with the “c” there, but when you’re saying the word, you can just forget

about it, it’s “mus-sel” just like an “s”, “mus-sel, mus-sel, mus-sel.”

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has really big muscles.”

“If you want to have strong muscles, you need to go work out at the gym.”

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