What does ‘The sky’s the limit’ mean in English?

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Today, we’re going to talk about a very nice idiom, a motivational idiom or phrase.

The phrase is, “the sky’s the limit.” This phrase has a very simple meaning.

The meaning is there is no limit.

So, this is very motivational most of the time.

It means that you can accomplish practically anything because there is no limit.

A lot of students ask me if they can improve their English, if they can speak fluent.

The truth is if you put in enough time and effort, the sky’s the limit.

Which means that if you spend enough time and enough effort on your English,

then you can learn as much English as you want.

You can improve with no limits.

We can use this expression in many different situations, such as your education,

your career or profession, your hobbies, your talents, your goals.

The sky’s the limit.

All right, now I’m going to give you some example sentences:

“Sam is really smart. He’s going to Harvard. The sky’s the limit for him.”

“Do we have a budget for the upcoming project?” “No, don’t worry. The sky’s the limit.”

“I still want to learn a lot of new things. I want to learn another language.

I want to learn how to play guitar. I want to learn karate.

The sky’s the limit. I have the time. Why not?”

Keep in mind that this phrase is usually used in a positive way.

So if it’s about something bad or negative that has no limits,

then I would not use this expression in that case.

Well, I hope that you learned something new.

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and practice using this phrase: “The sky’s the limit”

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