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Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m an English tutor, and in today’s lesson we’re going to talk

about the phrasal verb “pick out.”

For example, to pick something out is to select something, to select an item to purchase.

For example, Susan is getting married. She goes to the wedding dress shop and she tries on

lots of different wedding dresses. But she has to “pick out” the right one for her, so

“picking out” means that she has to select the correct dress.

Let’s go through a couple more scenarios. The next scenario, again let’s say it has to do

with a bride. She also has to “pick out” a wedding cake.

So, again she would go to a bakery, where there are going to be a lot of different cake options,

but she has to select only one.

So she has to “pick out” the correct cake that matches the requirements and the style that she wants.

In the last example, let’s say a couple is going to buy a house. They have to “pick out” the

house that they want in a certain area with the certain amount of bedrooms that they want.

So maybe there are two different options on one street. They have to “pick out” which

house they would like the most. So selecting an item that meets the needs of a person is

what “pick out” has to do with.

I hope this lesson has cleared up any confusion that you may have had regarding the phrasal

verb “pick out.”

Thank you for watching this video.

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