What does “care for” mean? Learn how to use this phrasal verb correctly.

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In today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about the phrasal verb “care for.”

This phrasal verb generally means when somebody is taking care of someone,

providing assistance to them.

For example, a nurse takes care of or cares for patients.

The next way that you can use the phrasal verb “care for” is to indicate preference for something.

It’s mainly used for a LACK of preference (something you don’t like).

We normally don’t say it in a positive sentence, such as “I care for pizza.”

You could ask it as a question.

“Would you care for some tea?”

This simply means, “Do you want some tea?”

You can say: “I do not care for cucumbers.”

“I do not care for bananas.”

So, this is to say you do not have a preference for something.

So remember, the phrasal verb “care for” has to do with first providing assistance.

“A nanny cared for the children.”

“A nurse cared for the patients.”

“A mother cared for her baby.”

Or preference: “I do not care for eating hamburgers.”

“I do not care for fried chicken.”

I hope this lesson has been helpful for you.

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