What does “call back” mean in English? Learn how to use this phrasal verb correctly.

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In today’s lesson, we’ll be talking about the phrasal verb “Call back.”

There are a couple of ways you can use the phrasal verb “Call back.”

For the first example, “call back” can mean to return a phone call, as in:

“Sally received a message from the dentist office calling to confirm her dentist appointment.

Sally called them back to notify them she would be able to make her appointment.”

The next example is to recall something.

For example, the military commander recalled or called back his men from the battle.

So those are a couple of examples of how you could use the phrasal verb “call back.”

Remember, “call back” can mean to return a phone call

or to recall to do something as in a military commander recalling or calling back his men.

Or, you could also be called back to work to finish a project.

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