Many students use the word “angry” incorrectly.

Watch this short video to see what prepositions you can use after it.

In this lesson, I’m going to talk about a mistake that a lot of English students make.

The mistake is when they are using the word “angry.”

The correct way is to say “I’m angry with you” or, “I’m angry at you.”

But a lot of students incorrectly say, “I’m angry to you.” So you should not use the word “to.”

The correct word here would be “with.” However, “at” is also commonly used as well.

So, let me give you some example sentences now:

“All of us are really angry at our boss. We can’t believe he stole our money.”

“Everyone is angry at the president because he lied to the people.”

“Sarah is angry with her boyfriend because he wouldn’t go to the party with her.”

We’re angry “at” people, or we’re angry “with” people, not angry “to” people.

“I’m angry with you.” “I’m angry at you.”

All right? And with the word “mad”, we say, “I’m mad at you.” It doesn’t sound so natural to say,

“’I’m mad with you.” We wouldn’t say that, but we say, “I’m mad at you.”

So, with “mad” use the word “at.”

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