Learn how to pronounce ‘hierarchy’ correctly in this video. Check it out now!

In this lesson, I’m going to help you pronounce the word “hierarchy” correctly.

A lot of students say this incorrectly. Most of my students did this actually, so I know it’s a common problem,

but it’s actually pretty easy.

So, you can see the spelling right here.

So, technically the correct pronunciation should be something like “higher rarchy” like “higher” and then “rarchy,” “higher rarchy.”

But we say it so quickly and we slur it “hierarchy” that it really just sounds like “high,” not really that much like “higher.”

So to make life easier for you, you can just say it, “hi” and then “rar…rarchy, hi-rarchy.”

Because if you just think “hi” and then “rarchy”… “hierarchy” it sounds the same as if you try to say, “higher…higher rarchy.”

It sounds the same, basically, because we’re saying it so quickly.

So, to say this word right, it’s “hi-rarchy, hi-rarchy.” This corporation has a steep hierarchy. Okay, “hi-rarchy.”

I hope that this helps you and that now you can say the word “hierarchy” correctly. It really is pretty easy.

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