Learn how to pronounce ‘Chaos’?

Improve your English pronunciation and learn the correct pronunciation of ‘Chaos’ now!

Today I’m going to help you pronounce the word “chaos.

It may seem easy to some people, but a lot of students actually say this word incorrectly.

“Chaos” C-H- A-O-S.

This word is very simple, but since it’s spelled a little bit strangle, some people get it wrong.

So, it’s simply “kay” like the letter “K”. “Kay” and then “os…os.”

“Kay-os” it does have the “ch” but it’s not pronounced “ch…chay-os” not like that.

It’s “ka…kay…kay- os…kay-os…kay- os.”

“There was a lot of chaos after the terrorist attack.”

“I don’t like stressful work environments, because I don’t like chaos.”

All right, I hope that you learned something new and that now you can pronounce “chaos” correctly.

I hoped you liked the video.

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