What does ‘borned’ mean? Is ‘borned’ a word?

Watch this short video to make sure you know the answer right here!

Hi, my name is Joel.

In this lesson I want to talk about a common mistake that a lot of my English students have made in their Skype classes.

The mistake is to say “borned.” This is not a word. We never say “borned” with the “ed”.

Never say it. We say “to be born.” That’s the correct way.

For example:

“I was born in January”.

“The baby was born last week.”

Or, if we want to talk about the future we can say it like this:

“My son will be born next month.”

“Her child will be born early next year.”

Or, in the infinitive:

“I don’t want my baby to be born in Los Angeles; I want my baby to be born in San Francisco.”

Alright, so those are the ways that we use the word “born” when we’re talking about a child being born.

So never say “borned.” Never say it.

I hope that this was helpful and that now you can use this tip to speak more fluently in English. Thanks for watching.

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