What does “boring” mean? What does “annoying” mean? How are they different?

Learn the difference between “boring” and “annoying”. Check it out!

In today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about the words “boring” and “annoying.”

A lot of my English students have been confused about these words, so hopefully this short video will help
clear things up.
First, let’s talk about the word “annoying.” Something is annoying if it irritates you or if it bothers
you or causes you some kind of problem, or maybe if it makes you feel a little bit

So, for example, let’s say somebody’s making a noise like this…you’re trying to study and they
keep on making that noise. That is annoying.

That sound is annoying you, it’s causing you to not be able to focus well and it’s not a very pleasant sound to hear. So you don’t like it. It is annoying.

So, many things can be annoying. Sounds can be annoying. People can be annoying. Do you
know any annoying people? I’m sure you do.

A situation can be annoying. A song can be annoying, many things can be annoying.

Now let’s move on to the word “boring.” Now “boring” is also a negative term but it’s a little bit
different than “annoying.”

If something is boring, it’s not so bad, it just means it’s not interesting, or it is dull, in case you know that word.

So, let’s say that you are watching a movie and it’s not interesting, it’s a boring movie.

So, if it’s boring, it might make you yawn. Or, maybe a class at school is boring. You’re sitting in
class…you want to sleep because you’re so bored. You are bored because the class is boring.

The class is so uninteresting that it makes you sleepy and you have a hard time to listen and
pay attention.

Okay, now I’m going to show you a couple of example sentences using our words “boring” and

“I hate this song. It’s so annoying.”

“I don’t want to go out to eat with James. He’s really annoying.”

“I don’t like biology class. It’s kind of boring.”

“Sam decided not to go to the museum because he thought it would be boring.”

I hope that you enjoyed this video and that now you know this difference between boring and

So, why don’t you go ahead and practice this?

Go ahead and make some comments and tell me what you think is boring or annoying.

And it will be a great way for you to reinforce
the lesson and remember the difference between “boring” and “annoying.”

Thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing your comments.

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