The Meaning of “Pick Out” – English Phrasal Verbs

What does “pick out” mean? Are you using it correctly?

Learn more about this phrasal verb here and hear example sentences. Get started now!

Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m an English tutor, and in today’s lesson we’re going to talk

about the phrasal verb “pick out.”

For example, to pick something out is to select something, to select an item to purchase. (more…)

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How to Pronounce “World”

How do you pronounce “world”? What is the correct pronunciation?

In this short video, I’ll teach you an easy trick to pronounce “world” correctly!

One of the most common words that English students have trouble pronouncing is the word

“world.” I’m going to try to help you pronounce it better today in a quick and easy way.

Maybe a way you’ve never heard of before. (more…)

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Fast’ or ‘Fastly’? – ESL Lesson

Is it correct to say ‘fast’ or ‘fastly’? What is the meaning of ‘fastly’? Don’t make this mistake anymore. Watch this video to learn the right answer now!

Hi, I’m Joel. In this short video,

I’m going to talk about a common mistake that a lot of my students have made.

The mistake is using the word “fastly” which actually doesn’t exist. (more…)

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“Recipe” Pronunciation for ESL Learners

How do you pronounce ‘recipe’? What is the correct pronunciation?

Many students don’t know! Check out this short video to learn how to pronounce ‘recipe’ correctly!

In one of my Skype sessions today, my student pronounced the word “recipe” incorrectly.

She said, “ra-seep” which is wrong.

And when this happened, it reminded me that a lot of my other students have done the same thing in the past. (more…)

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