‘Suit’ VS ‘Suite’

Learn the correct pronunciation of ‘suit’ and ‘suite’ and the different meanings of these words.

Not sure how to write for this one?


Hi, I’m Joel. In this video, I’m going to talk about the words “suit” and “suite”

and how they’re different and how they’re pronounced differently.

So, let’s get started.

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Meaning of ‘By the Book’ – English Idioms

What does ‘by the book’ mean?

Watch this short video to learn a simple trick about “by the book” meaning and how we can use this idiom.

When you are at work, do you do things “by the book?”

The idiom “by the book” means that you are doing things exactly according to the rules.

You are obeying all of the rules. (more…)

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Meaning of ‘Scatterbrain’

What does ‘scatterbrain’ mean?

Watch this short video to find out here and start using it when you speak English!

Hi, I’m Joel. In this video we’re going to talk about the word “scatterbrain” or “scatterbrained.
So, what does that mean? (more…)

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‘Errand’ Meaning – English Lesson

What does ‘errand’ mean? Learn how to use the word ‘errand’ in this video. Check it out!

Hey, this is Joel. In this video I’m going to talk about the word “errand.”

And of course, it’s also used in a couple of phrases, “to run an errand” or “to do an errand.” (more…)

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Make Mistakes in English

Are you making mistakes in English? Should you worry?

If you know how, making mistakes can HELP you improve your English. Find out here!

What I’m going to tell you today may surprise you,

but I’m here to tell you that as you’re learning English, you SHOULD make mistakes.

It’s good for you to make mistakes. (more…)

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