Joel Baker
Joel has been teaching English on Skype for over 5 years and is the creator of He is married and has a 3-year old son.


In his spare time, he likes traveling, learning about other cultures and learning languages. He is fluent in Spanish and plans to learn a 3rd language in the future.

Jessica Seely
Jessica has been tutoring English on Skype for a couple of years. She also has several years of  experience in international business. She is married and has a son.


When Jessica is not working, she likes to spend time with family, travel and meet new people.

Steve Gordon
Steve is an English teacher on Skype and specializes in TOEFL test preparation. He has work experience in various professional fields, including business management and construction. He, and his wife, enjoy traveling and healthy living.


With over 17 years of experience as a business owner, he is well adapted to organizing and encouraging you through a customized tutoring program tailored specifically to your needs.

Jimmy Williams
Jimmy is currently an English teacher on Skype and also has experience teaching English abroad as a volunteer.


He enjoys traveling and has gone to eleven different countries within Europe, the Middle East, North and Central America. Jimmy spent three years volunteering at a special needs college and studying the local language of that area. Some of his other interests include creative writing and photography.

Patti Crutcher
Patti currently teaches English on Skype and also has many years of experience in business and the insurance industry as a trainer and manager.


In addition to helping students improve their English, she enjoys meeting new people and training them in their respective fields.

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