Student Testimonials

As a teacher, there's nothing more rewarding than to get positive feedback from your students and see them improve. Here, you can read the stories of some of the students who have taken classes with WorldEnglishTeacher.

"Joel is definitely the go-to guy if you intend to work on your speaking skills to become a fluent speaker. He can also help you with your pronunciation and give you tips to speak in a plain American accent. I've never seen him tired or in a bad mood. He can talk about a wide range of topics and adapt the class with respect to your interests and your English level. I am very happy to have worked with him and satisfied with the end results."
-Aydin, Turkey


"I started studying English with World English Teacher a couple of months ago and since from there, I could perceive how fast my English is improving. He is a very connected and engaged teacher, helping me to get my target through an easy, interactive and motivational methodology. Thanks Joel." 
-Tiago, Brazil


“I improve my English with these classes as you practice your speaking and you could see your mistakes in a document after each class. In addition, listening to the videos before the classes is very helpful and makes the classes more interesting.”
-Eva, Spain


"I am lucky to meet such a great teacher like Mr. Joel. Firstly, he always listens carefully when I’m speaking so he could correct my wrong grammar and pronunciation. Secondly, the class is focused only on me and my lack of English because I am the only student in the class, so I get fast progress. Thirdly, speak with native speaker made I get used to hear American accent and reply quickly without much thinking in the real conversation with various interesting topics every class. Lastly but not least, World English Teacher transforms me from a passive student who could only do the English test to a confident English speaker without spending more money for transportation and worrying to miss any class (compare to some conventional courses I had) because this course can be everywhere and anytime. "
-Anastasia, Indonesia


"These classes helped me much in improving English. I really like them. It’s a fun and interesting way to learn."
- Roman, Russia


"I've been taking classes with WorldEnglishTeacher off and on since 2013. It's a great way for me to practice my English and improve my speaking skills and confidence."
-Mohammed Abdulsalam, Yemen


"I reached out to Joel after watching some of his videos in YouTube to get some help with reducing my foreign accent. My main objective when I contacted him was to reduce my accent so I can communicate more clearly at work. I am very happy with the progress I have had so far. Joel has helped me through various techniques to identify my main pronunciation issues and to distinguish differences between similar English sounds. During our meetings, we practice the words that I cannot pronounce until I can demonstrate that I have mastered the pronunciation. Knowing how I should pronounce certain words and how I should organize my sentences, have definitely made me more comfortable when communicating in English with others. I believe Joel is a great teacher who provides a fun, friendly, and comfortable environment for non-native English speakers looking to reduce their foreign accents."
-Margarita, Colombia


"My 14-year old son has been taking English lessons for a couple months now. Before, he was shy when talking in English but now he is speaking better and is more confident. He really likes the classes and I'm happy with his progress."
-Cem, Turkey


"I've been taking English classes with Joel and my speaking skills have improved a lot. And I thank Mr Joel very much about all things he do it for me to improve speaking skills.”
-Mohammed, Qatar


"I would like to say big THANKS to my teacher, Joel, who is an extraordinary teacher and one of the most patient, dedicated and enthusiastic people I've ever met. I'm so impressed by his lessons. I think the best way to learn a foriegn language is to speak with a native English speaker in real life. 'WorldEnglishTeacher' provides conversational lessons which are catered to suit any age. I'm grateful you provided this opportunity to improve my spoken and written English as well. I believe that day by day I am enriching my vocabulary and improving my speaking and writing skills. They have improved a lot compared to when I first started taking lessons via Skype. I would definitely recommend 'WorldEnglishTeacher' lessons to everyone who wants to improve in a very short time."
-Lina, Israel


"It was almost two years with Joel. He has guided and helped me in spoken English. At the same time, I needed to conquer my IELTS exam, we did some practice, by his correction and feedback, which definitely ignited me more confident to face my learning journey. He gave me an impression like an old friend gathering each time, so it was compelling and interesting to learn with Joel. Thanks so much."
-Sam, Macau


“My son has been taking English classes from for over a year. His grades and performance in school have improved due to the classes and now his speaking and writing skills are much better. I’m happy with his progress.”
-Mohamed, Qatar