Make Mistakes in English

Are you making mistakes in English? Should you worry?

If you know how, making mistakes can HELP you improve your English. Find out here!

What I’m going to tell you today may surprise you,

but I’m here to tell you that as you’re learning English, you SHOULD make mistakes.

It’s good for you to make mistakes. (more…)

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Can I Learn English with Subtitles?

Should we use subtitles when learning English? Are subtitles good for learning English?

Find the answer here. Check it out!

“Is it good to use subtitles when studying English?”

A lot of students ask me if they should use subtitles when they’re watching videos in English.
And the answer is – it depends. (more…)

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What Should You Say After Someone Else Sneezes

Don’t make this mistake! React properly after someone sneezes.

Here you’ll learn what to say after someone else sneezes.

Hi, I’m Joel…

What I just did (in the video) is called “sneezing” or a “sneeze.”

After somebody sneezes, the appropriate thing to say is, “Bless you.”

Or, the long version would be, “God bless you.”

Usually we say it in the short way – Bless you.


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An Easy and Simple Way to Improve Your English

This method to improve your English is so simple, but VERY effective!

Give it a try and tell me how it worked for you to improve your English.

Hi, I’m Joel and in 2 minutes,

I’m going to teach you a simple trick – something that you can do to dramatically improve your English.

This short tip will help you remember every word that you’re learning in English. So let’s go!


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